The use of combustible cladding on buildings is a safety concern for Queenslanders.


In response to heightened community concerns over the risks posed to building occupants and responding emergency personnel, the Queensland Government introduced changes to the Building Regulation 2006, which commenced 1 October 2018.


These changes require owners of particular buildings to undertake an assessment of the material used on the external walls of their building using the combustible cladding checklist (Checklist).


The Checklist process is designed to identify which buildings are affected by combustible cladding and whether cladding rectification work is likely to be required to achieve an acceptable level of safety. The deadline for building owners to submit the Checklist without penalty closed on 3 May 2021.


Building owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of occupants. Owners of buildings which meet the criteria must register their building and complete the Checklist regardless of the 3 May 2021 deadline having passed. Failure to do so is an offence and may result in regulatory action, including monetary penalties and prosecution in the Magistrate's court.